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FitQuid is a health and wellness app that aims to motivate the community to live a healthy lifestyle. You earn digital coins by simply staying active and completing personal/ public challenges individually or in groups. In short, you burn calories to make money!

We are creating a digital solution to support our community during the difficult times of the pandemic by motivating physical and mental wellbeing. We have set off on our journey to address to main problems:

  • Deteriorating long term health of individuals in the UK: The UK is spending close to £18 billion on adult care, a figure that is expected to reach around £20 billion by 2024.
  • Increased levels of loneliness: Loneliness is a major issue in the UK today, and it is a problem that is only being exasperated during the COVID-19 pandemic.

We want to be a positive influence in creating a community based on the pursuit of healthy living.We aim to develop a culture of respect, commitment, accountability, tolerance, and a sense of belonging to a community. We will provide tailored customer service, an open & transparent feedback loop, and a promise for continuous improvement to all of our members. We will strive to help our community become healthy and productive members of society beyond retirement age. 

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How Does It Work?

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Step 1: Install

As soon as we go live, install FitQuid from the App Store/ Google Play Store

Step 2: Set Objective

Set up your daily calories burnt/ steps objective

Step 3: Browse Challenges

Browse and accept any of the fitness, creativity challenges

Step 4: Earn FitQuids

As soon as we go live, install FitQuid from the App Store/ Google Play Store

Step 5: Spend FitQuids

Spend the FitQuids you have earned at our in-app shop

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