RMA – The Royal Marines Charity (RMA)

RMA – The Royal Marines Charity (RMA)

RMA - The Royal Marines Charity Exists to Help the entire Royal Marines family.

RMA - The Royal Marines Charity (RMA) has among the widest purposes of any service charity in that it looks after both serving and retired Royal Marines, and their dependents – this converts into some 125,000 potential beneficiaries.
RMA seeks to support our wounded and injured and improve the quality of life for each and every Royal Marine whilst they are serving and beyond. They continue this support long after our people have severed their formal links to the Corps. They actively seek to build lasting relationships with leading UK companies so that Royal Marines leaving the Corps can go on to find meaningful second careers.
By giving to RMA - The Royal Marines Charity, donors are empowering the Trustees to use the money given wisely, to meet any of the purposes of the wider charity and, crucially, at the point of greatest need at the time.


Royal Marines and their families supported through life.


To provide the best possible through life charitable support for the Royal Marines, their families, veterans, and cadets.


We are a single, unified and integrated charity for the Royal Marines extended Corps family, where cadets, the serving Corps, veterans, and families are supported through life with benevolence, comradeship, transition support, and amenities, underpinned with a cohesive sense of heritage and esprit de corps.